PPL and LAPL School

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is the certification required to fly aircraft with an MTOW (maximum take-off weight) of 5,750 kg without profit. A training course consisting of 100 hours of theory and 45 hours of flight time under the supervision of a qualified instructor is required to obtain the PPL license.

The Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL) allows the holder to fly an aircraft with an MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) of 2,000 kg and carry a maximum of 3 passengers (4 people including the pilot). To obtain the LAPL license, there is a training course consisting of 100 hours of theory and 30 hours of flying under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Both courses include a theoretical examination at ENAC consisting of 120 multiple-choice questions: at least 75 percent of the questions must be answered correctly to be considered passed.

The exam is divided into 9 subjects: if any of them are not passed, it will be necessary to retake the exam only for those subjects in a session that is at least 30 days after the previous exam. It is possible to retake up to 6 sessions (4 times the same subject) within 18 months of the first exam after which, if you have not passed all subjects, you will have to retake the theory exam from scratch.

Once you have completed the theory you have 24 months to complete the practical training.

Conduct of the theoretical course

The theoretical courses for obtaining LAPL and PPL licenses can be taken in two ways: all in the classroom according to the predetermined schedule or at a distance.

Classroom course

Must be attended for a total of 100 hours. At the end of the course, a pre-exam test is given, as well as other progress tests to understand the state of preparation, which must be passed with at least 80 percent correct answers. Upon completion of the 100 hours and passing the test you will be eligible for the theory exam.

Distance learning course

The distance learning course includes 70 hours of classes usable on the authorized portal, with the cadence of 15 hours per week and related tests each session. Once the 70 hours have been completed, an additional 30 hours of classroom lectures are organized, which include, in addition to a review and in-depth study of the subjects, some control tests and the pre-examination test, at the end of which one may be admitted to the theoretical examination

It is not possible to be admitted to the examinations if even one of the above conditions is missing in either mode. If a student fails to cover the 15 hours per week online, the distance learning course cannot be considered valid, so either repeat the online classes or proceed with the classroom course.

Subjects of the theoretical course

  • AL – Air Law (regolamentazione aeronautica)
    Duration: 12 hours
  • AGK – Aircraft General Knowledge (conoscenza generale dell’Aeromobile)
    Duration: 12 hours
  • HP – Human Performances (prestazioni e limitazioni umane)
    Duration: 4 hours
  • MET – Weather
    Duration: 12 hours
  • OP – Operational Procedures (procedure operative)
    Duration: 8 hours
  • FPP – Flight Performances and Planning (prestazioni di volo e pianificazione)
    Duration: 12 hours
  • NAV – Navigation (navigazione)
    Duration: 16 hours
  • COMM IT – Communication Italian (comunicazioni in italiano)
    Duration: 8 hours
  • POF – Principles Of Flight (principi del volo)
    Duration: 16 hours

Medical fitness

In order to be eligible for pilot licenses, one must have medical fitness of the appropriate class for the license applied for or higher. In the case of LAPL, a LAPL-class medical examination is required, while in the case of PPL, a second-class medical fitness certificate is required. Such certificates can be obtained from an AME – Aero Medical Examiner.