Motor Flight

Powered flight represents a unique adventure that combines the thrill of soaring with the power of engines. Flying a powered aircraft offers an incomparable feeling of freedom and control, allowing you to explore the skies with unique and unforgettable perspectives.

General aviation encompasses a wide range of powered aircraft, from light single-engine to more complex airplanes. This category offers a variety of models suitable for different purposes, such as air tourism and pilot training.

Ultralight aviation (Recreational and Sport Flying, VDS), on the other hand, is characterized by light and agile aircraft designed to provide a more accessible and enjoyable flying experience. This category, characterized by weight and performance limitations, is ideal for those seeking a more informal approach to flying, with greater freedom of movement in the skies and simplified certification procedures.

In Italy, the Civil Aviation Authority(ENAC) regulates both general aviation and ultralight aviation. Specific regulations apply to each category, ensuring safety and compliance with air traffic rules. Aero Club Pavullo is committed to strictly following all applicable regulations, ensuring a safe and challenging learning environment for our pilots.

Discover Powered Flight with Us

At Aero Club Pavullo, we offer you the opportunity to explore the world of powered flight through approved training courses and exciting discovery flights. Whether you are a beginner looking for an introductory experience or an experienced pilot eager to perfect your skills, our team of qualified instructors is ready to accompany you on this exciting journey.