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VDS School

Recreational and Sport Flying (VDS), is the flying activity carried out with ULM (ultralight) aircraft for recreational, recreational or sporting purposes. It’s a way of flying that follows simplified rules compared to general aviation. V.D.S. is a way of experiencing the sky with a spirit of adventure, with a desire to learn about new places while savoring all the pleasure of flight.

The course for obtaining the VDS/VM certificate is structured, as provided by Presidential Decree July 9, 2010 – no. 133, in two parts, flight and theory.


Theory classes, totaling 32 hours, are held in the dedicated classroom once a week for a duration of about two hours. The subjects, which will then be examined by an appointed examiner from the Aero Club of Italy, are as follows:

  1. Aerodynamics
  2. Meteorology
  3. Technology and performance of VDS devices
  4. Operations and emergency landings
  5. Traffic regulations and elements of aviation comms
  6. Air navigation
  7. Elements of aviation legislation
  8. Flight safety


Ultralight aircraft provided by the school are used for flying lessons and are operated throughout the year. The program involves at least 16 hours of dual-command flight time, including 4 solo pilot hours, and developed over several flight missions.

This number is the minimum required by Presidential Decree July 9, 2010 – no. 133 and may increase depending, primarily, on the aptitude of the student and the continuity with which he or she performs the flying activity.

The practical examination will involve a flight test with anAero Club of Italy examiner on board.

To start the course you need:

  • Medical certificate of physical fitness for the performance of Recreational or Sport Flying (obtained by examination with a sports physician)
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Clearance from the Questura, with territorial jurisdiction, to the activity of Volo da Diporto o Sportivo
  • Enroll as a student pilot in the Aero Club.
  • Photocopy of valid identity card
  • Fiscal Code

The cost of the course is €3,750 and includes:

  • Course Enrollment
  • Office practices
  • Theory lessons
  • 16 flight hours (excess missions will be paid separately)
  • Annual membership in the Aero Club for the first year
  • Airport services


The total costs of the Aero Club of Italy for the examinations (theoretical and practical), to be paid separately, are €200.

Duration of the validity of the certificate

the Certificate of Recreational or Sport Powered Flying (VDS/VM) is valid for two years. To renew it, a new medical certificate of physical fitness to carry out VDS activity must be sent along with a statement that, during the period of validity of the certificate, you have carried out flying activities for the ratings held.