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ENAC A1-A3 CourseJune 13, 2023
June 15, 2023
ENAC A2 CourseJune 20, 2023
June 22, 2023
June 27, 2023

Anyone wishing to approach the world of drone flying is required to take a formal qualification (license) attesting to his or her ability to operate a potentially dangerous craft for people on the ground and other air users.

Airspace, like ordinary roadways, is a strictly regulated place, and failure to comply with one or more of the regulations can result not only in heavy fines (up to €33,000) but also in a greater or lesser risk to the air users themselves and to people on the ground.

The regulations do not differentiate between hobby or professional use: in essence, even if the user decides to purchase a drone for recreational purposes, it must be formally licensed.

In our courses we will focus only on the Open (low-risk) category, but it encompasses almost 90 percent of recreational and professional operations.


The A1-A3 enabling course is the first certification step for those who want to qualify and fly any drone under 25 kg that is not declared harmless.

This type of route allows air users to use drones in non-urban settings, away from population centers, where people not involved in flight operations (passersby, etc.) are not present.

This type of qualification is preparatory for the A2 qualification.

The course syllabus is as follows:

  • SAPR aviation regulations (2 hours)
  • Airspaces (1 hour)
  • UAS Operation, Use and Maintenance (3 hours)
  • 10 training flight missions

Cost: €500 including VAT and including 6 exam attempts with our paperwork support.


The A2 qualifying course, which must be taken at an ENAC-recognized entity, provides the appropriate qualification to fly in the presence of uninvolved people and near population centers with drones of less than 25 kg mass.

To obtain the A2 certificate, it is necessary to have completed the A1-A3 certificate.

This type of qualification is intended primarily for professional use, but also for knowledgeable hobbyists who want to have unlimited fun.

The structure of the theoretical and practical course is rigidly regulated by ENAC, but our training center, as always, fields lecturers who come from the technical world, constantly updated, and with solid work experience to pass on to the student to facilitate his or her entry into the professional world.

The course syllabus is as follows:

  • Risk planning and management (3 hours)
  • SORA Analysis (3 hours)
  • Meteorology (1 hour)
  • SAPR Technology and Operation and Payload (2 hours)
  • 10 training flight missions

Cost: €1,200 including vat and including 1 proctored examination attempt at our center. If the student fails on the first attempt, he or she will have to pay a fee of 240 € each subsequent session.


The theory modules are available in mixed mode (presence and DAD), while the practical part is held with certified instructor at the training field in Lama Mocogno.

Le classi teoriche sono calendarizzate, mentre le giornate addestrative pratiche vengono concordate dall’allievo direttamente con l’istruttore secondo le mutue possibilità temporali.

In the case of company/public institution courses with more than three students, it is expected that our lecturer will go directly to the company’s premises to take the theoretical modules.

There is a 10% discount on the total for corporate courses with more than three participants (fourth and above).

The training center will provide all training materials, namely self-study handouts and training drone. You cannot use your own drones for training activity.

After the end of training, the school does not abandon its students but accompanies them into professional/hobbyist life with various services:

  • Provision of DJI drone with dedicated discounting ready to fly including necessary manuals according to regulations
  • Technical advice on application for flight permits/issuance of SORA report