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About us

The Pavullo Aero Club operates on the State Civil Airport “G. Paolucci” under ENAC concession guaranteeing its operation 365 days a year. It operates under delegated authority its flight line, radio services, airport fees, facilities, safety, security, firefighting, using the airport for general, sport and business aviation traffic.

The intervention and long-term planning skills of the Pavullo Aero Club have enabled the “Paolucci” to evolve over the years in terms of traffic, operations and prestige. Continuous progress due above all to the organizational stability of a Club founded in 1955, which since 1987 (the year current President Roberto Gianaroli joined) can boast a practically unchanged board of directors, capable of carrying out initiatives that are fundamental to the survival and development of the Airport.

Over the years, the Club has defended its port of call from building speculation, preserved its layout by applying for regulations by initiating an intensive renovation of facilities and organization that has been steadily developing.

In 2006, Aero Club Pavullo was the first among the federated Aero Club Bodies of Italy to change its legal structure to S.S.D. A.R.L. (Limited Liability Amateur Sporting Society).